3 Ways to Improve Your Well-Being In 2020

“Well-being” is defined as “the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy”. Who doesn’t want that? Life isn’t always comfortable, and our health isn’t always in our hands. Your well-being doesn’t just happen - it’s developed through good lifestyle choices and lots of self-care.

There are things that generally improve your mood such as reducing stress, relieving pain, or feeling relaxed (nobody feels unhappy in the middle of a facial). Adding activities to your schedule that make you feel rejuvenated, healthy and satisfied is a great way to improve your well-being - and we have plenty of them right here at Coastal Contours & Wellness!

All of our procedures and services have one goal in mind - to help you feel better, physically and mentally. What better place to start improving your well-being? If you’re looking to live well this year, try these 3 ways to improve your well-being in 2020.

The Prism Light Pod

There’s no question - when you feel better physically, you feel better mentally. Things like chronic pain, low energy, injuries, or poor health are a drain to your body and your mind. If you want to improve your well-being in 2020, you should look at feeling better first - and that’s where the Prism Light Pod comes in.

This remarkable treatment uses photobiomodulation (red light therapy) to flood your body with infrared light that the body can convert into energy. The treatment is proven to speed your natural healing process, boost collagen production and relieve oxidative stress.

The system has six levels of light wave frequencies and energy that target muscle recovery, chronic pain, injury and wound healing, arthritis and joint pain, anti-aging, skin toning and weight loss. It’s all done in a comfortable, warm pod where your entire body is bathed in soothing light for the entire procedure - all you have to do is lay back and relax.

There are many forms of red light therapy, but all red light therapy is not the same. The Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most advanced, safe, and non-invasive full-body cold laser light pod - and it’s available for you at Coastal Contours & Wellness.

Get Help From a Health Coach

We all start the New Year with the best intentions - we’re going to get moving, get healthy and live well. The stress of work, family and life soon has us reverting to old habits - and old mentalities. For many of us, those unachieved goals make us feel even worse than if we hadn’t tried at all.

Turn to a Coastal Contours & Wellness health coach! Our expert mentors educate, support and motivate you to be healthier every day. It’s not just about dieting - it’s about creating a unique plan that helps you achieve your health goals. There is no one-size-fits-all in wellness - each client has a unique set of physical, emotional, lifestyle and health needs. We’re here to help you improve them all.

A solid, reliable support system is crucial to making lifestyle changes that will stick - and a health coach is there to guide you into making the choices that are right for you. Let a health coach at Coastal Contours & Wellness help you live better in 2020 and beyond. You won’t just feel better when you’re living healthy - you’ll feel like the rockstar you are when you realize you’ve crushed your goals (and the year isn’t over!)

Feel Better with Facials

Facials have been used to boost our health and improve our well-being since the ancient Egyptians - and for good reason. Anyone who has had a facial knows the immediate benefits are astounding. A quality facial improves your skin’s appearance, relieves stress, relaxes tired muscles and gives you a luminous glow.

The most obvious benefit of a facial - improving your skin’s health and appearance - also plays a large role in your mental health. Experts understand that there’s a connection between mental health and skin conditions. Those with skin conditions like acne, eczema or psoriasis are significantly more likely to suffer from depression or anxiety. The majority of common skin conditions are started or made worse by stress. The good news? Skin conditions and stress benefit from regular facials.

It’s not just hype - according to the Journal of Biomedical Research, facial massage activates your sympathetic nervous system, reduces anxiety and improves your mood. That happiness you feel when you’re leaving Coastal Contours & Wellness after a facial? It’s scientifically proven.

Professional facials like ours treat a variety of skin conditions to return your confidence and comfort in your own skin. The OxyGeneo+ Super Facial and HydroLuxx Facial use advanced facial technology to smooth, tone, tighten and treat your skin. If you’re looking to live well, they should be at the top of your to-do list.

Ultimately, well-being is just feeling well - whatever that means for you! At Coastal Contours & Wellness, well-being is our business. Whether it’s a relaxing facial massage, expert body contouring, or effective weight management, all of our procedures are meant to make you look and feel your best, all year long. If you want to live well in 2020, contact us today for a free consultation!


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