All Red Light Therapy Is Not The Same

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

If you’re thinking about trying red light therapy, you’re not alone. This natural and holistic approach to health has taken the medical and wellness fields by storm in recent years. Red light therapy treatments can now be found in tanning salons, facial parlors, day spas, medical offices, and online shops around the world. But this popularity comes with a price - there is an overwhelming amount of red light therapy treatments on the market today. And believe us when we say, all red-light therapy is not the same.

At Coastal Contours & Wellness, we strive to bring you the best products and treatments available. That’s why our red light therapy comes from none other than the Prism Light Pod. This innovative, industrial-grade therapy device uses the latest knowledge and technology to give you the best red light therapy treatment in the business. It is celebrated by doctors, athletes, patients, and health enthusiasts around the globe. To really understand how our Prism Light Pod is different, you first need to understand what red light therapy is - and what it does.

What Is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a therapeutic technique that uses low-level wavelengths of red light to treat a variety of conditions. It acts much like natural sunlight in that the wavelengths penetrate the skin and help the cells there produce more energy. They can then use this excess energy to rejuvenate themselves, heal damage, and function more efficiently. The technique is safe and noninvasive, and it has untold benefits, including:

- the treatment of inflammation and chronic pain - speeds up the recovery of injuries such as sprains, strains, muscle stiffness, or torn ligaments - improves chronic skin conditions such as psoriases, acne, eczema, dermatitis, and wrinkles - reduces oxidative stress - shrinks unwanted fat cells to aid in weight loss -and more!

There are a variety of names for red light therapy - photobiomodulation, cold laser therapy, lowlevel light therapy, and others - but they all refer to the same concept. That being said, all red light therapy is not the same, no matter what you call it. The strength, effectiveness, and cost of red light therapy varies depending on where you get it. The Prism Light Pod is the premier choice on the market today, and it’s only available in this area at our Mobile office. But you have many choices about where to receive your light therapy - so why should you use ours? Good question. Here’s why:

It Uses Over 14,000 Red LED Cold Laser Lights

One of the main ways that red light therapy can differ is the type of light that is used. Many

places such as tanning salons and facial parlors use ineffective fluorescent bulbs in their beds, which are not strong enough to deeply penetrate the skin. Plus, fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and harmful UV rays, and they are actually considered a hazardous material. For it to be most effective, red light therapy needs to be strong enough to penetrate at least 5 mm beneath the skin’s surface.

The Prism Light Pod uses over 14,000 industrial-grade red LED cold lasers to deeply penetrate the skin, making it much more effective than fluorescent devices. The LED lights produce no heat, making it safer and more pleasant than other methods. They are also long-lasting and energy-efficient, making them better for the environment.

The Full-Body Bed Allows For More Effective Treatment

Light therapy devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes - there are hand-held wands, belts, facial helmets, and more. Many settings offer small, targeted devices to treat specific areas such as the face or legs, which may sound smart but is actually counter-intuitive. Full-body light therapy is the best way to use the technique no matter what you’re treating, as it allows the light a larger area to penetrate. Also, larger devices are just more powerful, allowing a deeper penetration for faster healing. There are also devices that claim to be a full-body treatment when they’re not - belts or portable devices need to be moved around for full coverage, leading to spotty treatment.

The Prism Light Pod is a relaxing, full-sized pod that immerses your entire body in healing light, giving you the best and most effective light therapy treatment available. There’s no need to adjust, move, or configure your device - simply lay back and relax as you experience the wonder of full-body light therapy.

Optimized Light Settings Allow Targeted Treatments

Many light therapy devices use one setting to treat every condition. Red light therapy is beneficial in any form, but conditions respond better to different levels of light. The Prism Light Pod has 6 specific light settings, each optimized for treating an individual condition. This allows a targeted approach that gets you better, faster.

I’m Sold! Where Can I Get It?

Until recently, the nearest Prism Light Pod was hundreds of miles away. The wavelengths are powerful, but they can’t travel across states! Luckily, Coastal Contours & Wellness now has a Prism Light Pod in Mobile! It’s the only true cold laser light therapy in the area, and it’s available to you in a variety of prices and packages to fit your budget and lifestyle. Contact us today to learn more about this revolutionary treatment! Use Code: BIS19 for your first complimentary session.

All Red Light Therapy Is Not The Same


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