Coastal Contours & Wellness Partners with Prism Light Pod

Coastal Contours & Wellness Launches Prism Light Pod For Photobiomodulation Therapy

The boutique body contouring spa now offers whole-body photobiomodulation therapy from Prism Light Pod, enabling healing and recovery up to 4–10x faster.

Prism Light Pod, a leading provider of full-body cold laser light pods, announces a partnership with Coastal Contours & Wellness to offer Prism Light Pod’s advanced photobiomodulation (PBM) therapy in Mobile, AL.

The industry’s most advanced and non-invasive full-body cold laser light pod, Prism Light Pod offers advanced photobiomodulation therapy that interacts with the body’s tissues, muscles, and nerves to accelerate the natural healing process.

Prism Light Pod’s full-body cold laser pod uses specific wavelengths of light that pass through layers of skin and interact within the body to stimulate regrowth and repair. The light absorbed by cells is converted to advantageous energy for accelerated healing. This process normalizes damaged or injured tissue while helping to reduce oxidative stress, eliminate chronic pain, stimulate collagen production, and accelerate muscle recovery up to 4–10 times faster.

“We are thrilled to add Prism Light Pod’s whole-body photobiomodulation therapy for our clients,” said Susan Bruno, owner of Coastal Contours & Wellness. “It’s a perfect compliment to our body contouring services.”

“By adding the six optimized PBM light therapies, Coastal Contours and Wellness will significantly expand their natural healing and recovery capabilities’” said Karl Chen, Founder and CEO of Prism Light Pod. “We are thrilled to be launching this partnership with them.”

Join us to celebrate the launch of Prism Light Pod at Coastal Contours & Wellness on July 18, 2019 4:00–8:30pm CT, located at 2540 Old Shell Road, Suite A, Mobile, AL 36607

For more information, please visit to schedule a free consultation.

About Coastal Contours & Wellness

A boutique spa for body contouring and whole-body photobiomodulation therapy, Coastal Contours & Wellness specializes in all-natural, non-invasive health and wellness products and procedures, including ultra-sound cavitation for body contouring and now also Prism Light Pod—whole-body cold laser therapy for performance recovery, chronic pain reduction, anti aging, and weight management.

About Prism Light Pod

Founded in 2016, Prism Light Pod manufactures and sells the industry’s most advanced full-body cold Laser system for performance recovery, pain management, weight-loss and anti-aging. Prism Light Pod is headquartered in Denver, CO. and distributes its products worldwide. For more information about Prism Light Pod, please visit and follow Prism Light Pod on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Press Contact: Dean Stattmann (917) 544-3172


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