New Year, More Advanced Treatments: NuEra tight™

In 2020, we’re taking a step into the future of beautiful skin. Coastal Contours & Wellness now brings you NuEra tight™, an innovative approach to skin treatments that harnesses the power of science to give you better-looking skin from head to toe. Read on to learn more about this advanced treatment and how it can give you the skin of your dreams.

What is NuEra tight™?

NuEra tight™ is a revolutionary smoothing platform that uses powerful Radio Frequency (RF) waves to treat a variety of skin conditions. Say goodbye to loose skin, unattractive cellulite, poor skin tone, and more. Developed by Lumenis®, a pioneer in energy-based technologies, NuEra tight™ is an FDA-cleared treatment that can smooth, lift, and refine your skin to give you back that youthful glow.

How Does NuEra tight™ Work?

NuEra tight™ uses temperature-controlled RF waves to stimulate your body’s natural healing response and encourage new collagen production. These powerful 470kHz waves precisely heat targeted tissue to create contraction and renewal in the skin. This improves the appearance of flaws like cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles, and skin laxity. The convenient handheld applicators are highly controlled to target multiple levels of skin tissue in a variety of areas for precise and consistent results.

Why NuEra tight™?

Targeted Treatment

Skin conditions are highly personal and affect each of us differently. We each have different problem areas, from the delicate skin around the eyes or mouth to those tough-to-tackle spots like the thighs or upper back. NuEra tight™ uses powerful 250W RF technology to treat skin both superficially and in the deeper tissue levels, allowing it to target and treat all of the areas you need most.

Natural, Comfortable Healing

Unlike other methods, NuEra tight™ doesn’t use harsh chemicals or surgical methods to treat your skin conditions. It is a non-invasive, natural procedure for skin rejuvenation, meaning there’s no downtime, pain, or lengthy recovery. In fact, many patients report a pleasant and soothing sensation at the treatment site! The best part? You don’t sacrifice any effectiveness - NuEra tight™ provides fantastic results in your skin’s texture and appearance in just a few short sessions. Which brings us to...

Fast Results

NuEra tight™ technology can treat your problem areas in as little as 10-15 minute sessions, and some patients can see noticeable results after the first treatment. With an easy 2-step approach, you’ll begin with a series of short, comfortable sessions to treat and remove your troublesome skin conditions. After that, your long-lasting results can be maintained easily with regular touch-ups. It’s that easy to achieve the skin of your dreams!

As you step into a new year, step into better skin with NuEra tight™. Download your free customer brochure to learn more about this innovative new treatment that’s making waves in the skincare industry (but not in your skin). Then, contact us today for your free consultation!


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