Red Light Therapy For Acne

The Many Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is being used in many clinics to help with a variety of issues. Red light therapy has been known to help with sports rehab and recovery, reduce chronic pain from inflammation, soothe arthritis and joint pains, aid in healing wounds and injuries, reduces acne, and helps with weight loss. The way that red light therapy works is that the body is exposed to low wavelength red light. The red light is natural and penetrates deep into the skin, where the cells absorb the red light and use it. For example, red light therapy for acne helps to stimulate collagen production and red light therapy for weight loss helps to shrink unwanted fat cells. There have been many studies to back up the claims above and that show the effectiveness of photobiomodulation also known as red light therapy.

Here at Coastal Contour & Wellness, we use the Prism Light Pod. The Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most advanced, safe, and non-invasive full-body, cold laser, red light therapy light pod. This system delivers medical-grade, true red light therapy. The photobiomodulation delivered reduces oxidative stress, eliminates chronic pain, arthritis & joint pain disorders, accelerates muscle recovery 4-10 times faster, produces collagen for anti aging, and keeps you feeling younger & more energetic.

Whether you are interested in red light therapy for acne, red light therapy for weight loss, or other red light therapy treatments, come to Coastal Contour & Wellness. To learn more, contact us today or go to our website at

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