Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy also called photobiomodulation

Prism Light Pod is the industry’s most advanced, safe, and non-invasive full-body, cold laser, red light therapy light pod. This system delivers medical-grade, true red light therapy.  With the red light POD, you will receive the following benefits: 

  1. Stimulate Your Lymph Nodes To Boost Your Immune System 
  2. Promote Vitamin D to Improve Energy & Antibodies
  3. Reduce Oxidative Stress and Flushing Free Radicals
  4. Especially great for treating acne, anxiety and depression. 
  5. Individual 15 Minute Sessions to Calm Stress
  6. Social Distance with Individual Red Light Therapy Sessions
  7. Shrinks Fat Cells To Assist with Weight Loss
  8. Produce Collagen for Anti-Aging
  9. Reduce Chronic Pain and Disorders
  10. Recover 4-10 Times Faster with Mitochondrial Healing

The Prism Light Pod includes six cold laser, red light therapy settings optimized for Sports Rehab and Recovery, Chronic Pain, Arthritis and Joint Pain, Wound and Injury Healing, Skin Conditioning and Anti-Aging, and Weight Loss.