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Pain Relief and Natural Health and Wellness

Are you looking for a cryotherapy alternative that aids in pain management relief? If extreme cold temperatures aren’t for you and you are looking for a cryotherapy alternative, come try out our Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency, PEMF therapy. Here at Coastal Contours & Wellness, we are proud to offer PEMF therapy which is a great cryotherapy alternative and effective for pain management relief. 

Here are some ways PEMF therapy can aid in pain management relief:
Wounds and injury healing: After your body goes through serious trauma, it can take a long time for the healing process to complete, and cause great inconvenience up until then. PEMF therapy can help speed up this process in a safe and effective way.

Chronic pain: Chronic pain is debilitating, and you may have tried several different treatments for relief without any luck. PEMF therapy could be the answer you’re looking for, especially if you have arthritis and joint pain or other conditions related to inflammation. We can also work with you on lifestyle changes that can help to reduce the inflammation in your body over time.

PEMF therapy offers a broad spectrum of benefits to human health with essentially no adverse reactions and very few contraindications. PEMF therapy also improves circulation and micro-circulation, improves oxygenation, reduces cellular waste/toxins, improves immunity, reduces stress and so much more. 

If you are in need of pain management relief, contact us, here at Coastal Contours & Wellness or go to our webiste at and learn more about this great cryotherapy alternative.