Hydroluxx Facial

Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Infusion

Facial and Skin Smoothing Treatment

This unique Hydrodermabrasion facial uses a synergy of: Hydro Diamond Dermabrasion, Chemical Solution Skin Peeling, Vacuum Skin Lifting & Drainage, and Oxygen Infusion. The benefits of HydroLuxx Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Infusion System are long-lasting.


Hydrodermabrasion starts with applying peeling solutions or normal saline on the skin. After this, the action of exfoliation begins without skin irritation. This makes exfoliation safe and appropriate for sensitive skin or skin that lacks moisture. The applied solution also makes skin softer and more appropriate for the extraction.

Hydro-peel removes blackheads and comedones, cleans pores and smoothes skin relief. With repeated treatments over a few weeks the Hydrodermabrasion will make it possible to get rid of blackheads for good without damaging the skin.

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